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πŸ““ Time for a Top-up with Danuta Lipinksa πŸ““

Magic Me HQ, E2 9PF
Monday 9 Sep 2019
6:00pm — 8:00pm

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18 Victoria Park Square
E2 9PF


Magic Me with Danuta Lipinksa




You are invited to join us for our next Time-for-a-top-up training with our dementia care specialist Danuta Lipinka!


The CORE of the Person- Centered Apporach to Successful Communication

Carl Rogers was the inspiration for Tom Kitwood’s person- centred approach to care and support of people living with a dementia.

Together we will discuss Carl Rogers’ ‘Core Conditions’ – Acceptance (being non-judgemenatal), Congruence (being genuine) and Empathy (seeing the world from the other person’s experience)

How might the ‘Core Conditions’ help us to create ‘therapeutic’ relationships that can offer help and healing.

In your roles within Magic Me, we will explore what you are already doing well, what you might like to develop in your relationships,Β and how to apply the Core Conditions to also take care of yourself.

We will share how to identify and trust your Self and your own ‘therapeutic process’ especially in moments that may not be entitrely strighforward.

Please bring your examples of any ‘tricky’experiences so far, so that we can have ‘real life’ discussion and have a go at applying the core conditions.

The session will be interactive, light-hearted and ‘person-centred’!

Is there anything you’ve found hard about being at the parties, or a particular scenario you weren’t sure how to deal with? Email Sarah at sarahwatson@magicme.co.uk and we can make sureΒ we cover this in the evening.

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